About Us

What we do

  • Improve the working and personal lives of our members and to improve the service we provide to the Veterans we serve everyday

  • AFGE is the exclusive representative of non-supervisory employees to ensure government employees have the best tools, training, and work environment to provide quality service

  • Our union began with a simple belief—that together, government employees from all across America can build a better workplace and country. AFGE’s story is America’s story, and the next chapter will be written by all of us.

Final Thought

“Being a union member means looking out for everyone in the workplace. It is about lifting up those individuals whose voices are otherwise silenced. It is about joining together in solidarity to ensure better working conditions." 

                                                      - J. David Cox, Sr., AFGE  National President

Join Now!

Fill out the 1187 below and turn in application to a AFGE Local 1969 Union office. 

1187 (pdf)